We have had many questions throughout the years and wanted to share those with you. If you have a question that is not on the list please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer your question and then post it accordingly.

What we have found when we talked with people is that they were “afraid” to inflate the tubes to the sizes recommended. So have no fear, these rubber inner tubes will not pop like a vinyl tube would. Please go ahead and fully inflate to the recommended size – we promise they will NOT pop on you.
There are a few different ways to check the size. Please note that since these inner tubes need outside pressure (such as inside of a tire) you will not be able to use your PSI to measure it.
Things you can do:
1) Grab a measuring tape, yard ruler, or something that can you gauge the overall measurement. It will fully inflate to 36″, 40″, 45″, or 68”
2) Start and Stop method: If you do NOT have a measuring tape you can start to inflate you tube and as soon as it will stand on its own, stop the air flow. Then start the airflow and count to 5 and stop the airflow. Keep doing this until the inner tube is nice and firm. It should feel tight enough that you cannot pinch it or poke your finger very deep into.
3) Once inflated you can sit on the inner tube and make sure that you don’t have much give. Your tube should NOT have enough give in it so that it feels flattened as you sit on it.
4) Make sure you are using the proper sized tube as well.
5) Check out the video we have posted to our gallery that shows how to properly inflate the inner tube.

Every inner tube has been tested and has been found to fill to the size as indicated on the box. Many people have been “afraid” to fully inflate the inner tubes thinking they may pop. We can assure you they will NOT pop or cause harm. Just use the stop and start method to fill it so that it will remain as round as possible.

For 120 lb body most people would use at least a 40” tube, depending on how tall that person is as well. If they are under 5 feet go for the 36 inch tube.

If the smaller riders are with the larger riders, a 45 inch inner tube will fit best.

We have had people over 250lbs indicate that the 45 inch worked for them just fine.

In regards to the PSI, since this is an official commercial grade rubber inner tube (latex free) there is no way to measure the PSI. You indicated that you purchased the 45″ TIB, so the best thing to do is to measure the TIB for a few times until you can visually gauge the correct size. The outside diameter will need to be 45 inches.

Each inner tube has a specific size listed on the box, please refer to that as your fully inflated outside diameter measurement. The best way to make sure you have enough air is to be sure to fully inflate your inner tube to the correct size. If the box says 45 inches then pull out your measuring tape and inflate the inner tube until it reaches the full 45 inches.

The 45″ cover works best with the 45″ tube. You will want to inflate the inner tube inside of the cover similar to how you inflate the inner tube without the cover. What we do is to place the cover on a flat surface and center the tube inside the cover as best as possible and then start to inflate the inner tube. Best to use the stop and start method.

I don’t think that using an inner tube for a swing is a good idea.

Sure, as with all things, be careful and don’t let people wear shoes while bouncing on it.

The 45″ tube when NOT inflated has an inside diameter of 20″, as you inflate the inner tube to the proper size it will shrink down to 18″ in size. So the key is to properly inflate your inner tube to the fullest. You will know this when you poke the inner tube with your finger and its very firm to the touch.

Once the inner tube is fully inflated it will shrink to 36 inches.

The 36” tube is 14″ and the 40” is 20″ when fully inflated.

You will need to contact Tube In a Box directly since they are not available to purchase on their own.

Yes, there is a 45 inch cover available in either red or blue.

The 68″ cover at this time doesn’t have a cover at this time. We may have one available for it in the summer months.

There is not a bottom that comes with the inner tube, you are looking for a bottom you can check out our covers which are sold separately.

The inner tube and cover are sold separately therefore the cost of the inner tube is $36.99 and the cost of the cover is $72.75.

The covers are made from a PVC fabric which is very durable for all seasons (winter or summer).

The covers are sold as shown in the pictures, we have a navy blue and red for the 45 inch covers and a light blue for the 36 inch cover. Our 32 inch cooler is a red, white, and blue camouflage.

No cover is needed. A cover can help make the inner tube go down the hill faster but you don’t need one if you FULLY inflate your inner tube.

Yes, that is what this heavy duty tube was made for. It can handle the extreme outdoors.

Yes, the inner tube is very durable and will fine all by itself when floating down the river. It truly is a preference only if someone wants to use a cover with it. It is not required.

Yes you are correct – I also see in the reviews that it works very well for some and not so well for others. The tube works very well for us… however, we have been using old school tubes for years and think they are the best. First, you have to inflate the tube to its maximum size. It should be very firm to the touch so that the inner tube will glide better on the snowy surface. You can always try it with a cover as well.

Yes, in the center of the valve stem (where you inflate the tube) there is a little removable valve core which looks like a little pin. If you use a valve tool (as used for removing tire from bikes to change out bike tubes) you can remove the air from the tube quite easily. Just be careful not to lose that valve core once you remove it. You may need to squeeze the tube to assist the air flow. Once you have it completed deflated, just fold up the tube and store in a cool dry place.

This is a good old fashion rubber inner tube, which is not made with handles. You may want to consider purchasing a cover for your tube if you want handles.

We are certain that you can, just use your imagination. Some people have tried straps while others have used duct tape.

You can fill at a gas station or use a bicycle pump since it is a shreader valve found on most bicycles and tires.

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, we had seen a person who had reviewed the product post a picture out there as well. So go for it!

The tubes are manufactured in either our Korean or China plant (depends on production runs). We are an ISO 2000 company which means we follow standards set out by the industry to ensure a consistent and high quality product. The valve stem is a short stem about 1 inch long.

Yes it is however you will want to use the stop and start method.

Yes it is. Just be sure to wash it off when you are done playing.

The powder on the inner tubes is just talc powder used so that the rubber doesn’t stick to itself once it is packaged. As for the “rubber” smell, we understand it can be a bit daunting. Please note that our inner tubes are made from 100% butyl rubber (not latex) therefore it will carry that smell until you start until you start using it. After it hits the water or snow a few times the smell will become less and less. An old wives tale for clothes smelling fresher is to allow them to hang outside when it’s raining. Best of tubing to you!

This product is tough but is not meant to be towed behind a vehicle. Sorry but we just don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Why not, it’s rubber that is heavy duty for a lot of different applications.

As with anything left in the sun too long yep it will get hot. The wonderful thing is that all you need to do is flip it over in the water once you notice. At least it doesn’t stick to my skin like the vinyl stuff did. That is one of the many reasons we use the real rubber tubes.

Each tube is individually packaged.