tube in a box

Yo Dude what can we say about ourselves….except, we live and breathe this stuff. We are hopelessly addicted to the fun and adventure of the tubing life style. Whether it’s soaking up the heat of summer or floating a lazy river with your friends or beating winter at its own game with the thrill of achieving maximum velocity down a pow pow snow covered frosty hill – we provide you with the best tubing products on the market. You provide the guts, we provide the excitement waiting to be unboxed. What are you waiting for? You’re not afraid are you?

Warning: Inner tubing can be highly addictive

Our tubes are built solid….

You won’t find a better day of fun all in one box.

Our company delivers the goods so that you just have to find the right hills or rivers to dominate. If you want those “vinyl” things that are less than 100% Real Butyl Rubber good luck bub. You can depend on our tubes to carry you now and into the future. Sounds like good times are calling.

Located in Denver Colorado

We have personally “tested” these tubes in the lakes, rivers, on the mountains and tubing hills

If you know what we mean and by tested we mean played hard. It’s good to be in the land of milk and honey. You are going to love the thrill and excitement of being in the outdoors with no additional tools needed (ok fine maybe a pump but that’s it).

Refund your money

Now if for some strange reason (I know I can’t think of one)

If you aren’t completely satisfied with the tube we will refund your money back less restock fees. We realize that this level of excitement may not be for everyone so know your limits. Okay enough of that.

As you enjoy filming yourself or others (hey that’s your business) then share with us how you spent your day on the hills, rivers, or other body of water would you? You can totally post your pics and videos on our web site. We are all a part of the tubing community and we all like to see each other having fun (or laughing at one another). Check ya later!